Carlota Barberán Madruga

Typo Doku

Typo Dok is a collection of typographic works developed by second semester students of the design faculty in Munich (Munich University of Applied Sciences). I had the chance to design a part of the layout and the cover, which contains a coded list of all students. Each cover is individualized by red handwriting that indicates exam corrections.
Collaboration with: Fabienne Erben, Nina Geromin, Carina Güttler, Elias Hintermayr, Svea Kolibius.

Presented projects: Anna Schreiber ∙ Carina Güttler ∙ Elias Hintermayr ∙ Fabienne Erben ∙ Milena Mayer ∙ Moritz Bäuerle ∙ Carlota BM