Carlota Barberán Madruga

Parhaus 51'

Cooperation with the Munich Faculty of Architecture - Recycle a place, give it a new use. Under this theme, in joint work with Carina Güttler and Markus Ossenbach, we reinvented the last four floors of an abandoned car park and gave it a new use for leisure. The concept builds on a grid that referres to the current fassade of the building. Furthermore the grid opens a lot of possibilities of a flexible space and corporate design.
The results are compiled in a publication, which contains two small books, a sheet with stickers and five A1-size posters. The content is put together in a laser cut case, whose holes reveal the stickers.

Poster Art by: Carina von Reichman ∙ Lea Fischer ∙ André Schauer ∙ Sara García ∙ Dominic Keegan ∙ Sebastian Körbs
Julian Borngräber ∙ Carolin Uthe ∙ Berenice Güttler ∙ Michi ∙ Carina Güttler ∙ Carlota B.M.